Green Utopia

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Green Utopia is a group of cities that only use green energy sources. You are responsible for finding build locations to setup and build the energy sources, and you need to find the resources needed to build the energy source. You can also pay for the resource without finding all the resources needed to build, but you will only meet the levels goal requirement. You will have problems that arise through out the game that you will have to manage and choose a solution. There are three types of energy sources including water, solar, and wind power. The Resources are carbon rocks, iron rocks, silicon rocks, and wood. Each level will have different needs for energy sources and different terrains. Be on the look-out for diamonds along the way for extra cash. The score is compiled of the total time to beat the level plus the number of resources left over after the builds plus the percentage of completion of the level. The game is a casual third-person 3D game made for everyone to play..

Sorry to anounce this game is no longer avaliable for download. It was original created in 2011 on Unity 3 and was never updated through years of Unity versions and also never converted from Javascript to C#. It was a class project during one of my bachlors classes.